Year swap

Last Thursday we had a year swap so receptions were year ones and (ect) the year sixes had to practice there leaving service for the start of term next year our topic will be chocolate and we will be going to Cadbury world that will be fun!!!!!!!!

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100 wc week #37

Here’s the prompt from

Wherever you are in the world, I’m sure you cannot have missed all the action that is happening in South America!

downloadXX2X Week#37

The prompt this week is:

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…

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RE leason with our supply teecher

Yeasterday we all had a supply teecher. With are new teecher we all had a art leason and a RE leason. In RE we all learnt about the Qu’ran and the Bibble. We learnt that the Qu’ran is for Muslams and the Bibble is for Christians. The Muslam God is called Allah. Muhammad is the son of God (Allah). You must not wurship Idals Mulams say because we read a Qu’ran story about Mahammad, his mum, the angel, and Allah wich told us not to worship Idles

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are new topic is brazil. In topic y3 have been making e book ‘s and power points. we have been going on the internet and getting pictures and facts. but we have not finished yet

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100 word challenge week #35

Hi Everyone,

Here is the new prompt from I’m looking forward to reading your writing.

For this week, the prompt if 5 words. They can be put anywhere in your writing and in any order but you must use them all. Please use your highlighting skills to help Team 100 see where you have used the words.

… Gateway Cold Running Black Friend…

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