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A long long walk

Posted by on 23/10/2012

This morning in oak class  the HOLE school wheat on a artem walke!!We didn’t need to drive anywhere beacos  are school is in the midall of the forest.We had to get all are walter proof troes and things like that. Finally we set off into the forest we lined up dans walled onto the field  and claimed over a fence and into a mother stubearly field.It had long  grass that towered abuff are nees. Once we had finished hith are  theid field we got onto some road. It was a lot eseer  then. Suddenly the fun came mud gloreeos mud was everywhere  all off us loved it “Shhhhhh I don’t now  if the aldolt s did” . When we got halv way I started to lose partner but finally we got to have a litte rest we had stopped at the grand avenue . We had biscuits and some Walter . All the teachers told us to stand in a line whith hot diners at the front off the line and pach lluhes at the backe. They called out the Register to see if everyone was hear. Off we set,again  this last bit was just road and in a flicker we got bake at school.



( what was your fayfret bit)



3 Responses to A long long walk

  1. Mrs Darling

    My favourite bit was….

    The MUD!!!!!!! says half the class!
    Eating the cookies sounds good says the other half!!!
    Climbing over the fence! says Zara

    Cherry Tree

  2. Mrs Darling

    Wow – what a fun day! I can imagine that the adults may not have liked the mud. Although, if I had my wellies, I actually might have quite enjoyed it!

    Are there many children in your school as you said you ALL went on the walk? Do you go for walks together very often?

    Mrs Darling and Cherry Tree class

  3. JJ

    My fayfret bit was when I fell in the JJ

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