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Of to school

Posted by on 05/11/2012

Today is the first day of the new term. I am really  exited to see all my school friends.

7 Responses to Of to school

  1. lucybr

    you could add a bit more next time ok

  2. Anna

    I am glad to see my frinds but it is remember remeber the 5th of november

  3. eve

    TO day is bomfiyr night and thet wos the day giy focs niley blow up the hasis of palmnt but the king stopt

  4. JJ

    Today is bom fire night when gye folks trried to blow up the hose’s of parlimant but lukely he didnt beacoas he got cort.

  5. KK

    It is bomfire day to day and we cam back to st Katherines on bomfire day.

  6. eve

    To day is bomfire night and that wos the day giy focs niley blew up the hose of palmint but the king stop

  7. JJ

    It is remember remember the 5 th off November .

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