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red glowing eyes100wc #7

Posted by on 05/11/2012

Alanah, Evie and Marry-Louise where out trick or treating on Halloween. Suddenly Evie heard a snapping twig behind her she looked back but all she could see were to red eyes staring at her. Thinking it was all a dream she turned back. Then Alanah heard a sniffing sound so he closed her eyes. Quickly a black cat that had red glowing eyes leaped onto Marry-Louise suddenly Evie remembered that her cat had red eyes.  All of the girls and helped Marry-Louise up and went to a final hose to get sweets from then they walked back to Evie’s house.

10 Responses to red glowing eyes100wc #7

  1. lucybr

    I really like it it is great!!!!!.

    I love it it’s great wow

  2. jared

    cool trick or treating

  3. Brooke

    Hi its Brooke here it sounds like a scary trick or treat

  4. taylor

    Wow awsome glowing red eyes I wish I had a cat like that.

  5. kowyn

    trick treat sounds great fun .

  6. Anonymous

    HI its Brooke here it sounds like a scary trickle treat i wonder what it was

  7. bonnie

    trick or treating sounded great!!!!!! I wish i could go to.

    From Bonnie Swannanoa school nz

  8. 10hharvardtaylor

    I like the way you used vcop and interesting words in your story.

  9. elodier

    Maybe you could have another word instead of suddenly but appart from that it’s brillant.

  10. Miss Tedaldi - Team 100WC

    I really like this story! Just remember to read over your writing for spelling mistakes and punctuation. Well Done!

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