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Fun fab Corineum museum

Posted by on 16/10/2012

On Friday Oak class and I went to the Corineum museum in Cirencester. We dressed up and did all sorts of thing’s. It was very FUN!

We even got to see real Roman mosaic’s and also a Roman glades. When we all went home we were very sad but it was good

that we all got some rest.

2 Responses to Fun fab Corineum museum

  1. josephineb

    Oops sorry about the other comment it should be on a different post!

    Josephine 🙂

  2. josephineb

    Wow Oak Class!

    It is a bit odd really because you see in my class we have been learning the story of Charlie’s Bag and at 1 point in it it goes and he walked 3X!

    Josephine 🙂

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