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Posted by on 10/01/2013


On Wednesday the 9 th off  January at 8 o, clock me and my class all went on a school trip to the science museum in London by coach it took at least two hours. When we got to the science museum  we hurried into the 4D Cinema to watch Legend off Apollo it was great. The first bit was about that it was going to be a massive hit if they got to the moon and then the second bit was the best bit  are chairs moved and there was smock.
Then we had a time to explore the museum then it was lunch time we went down to the basement to sit down. Next we went to Yuri Gagarin he told us about his life it was super good after that we went to explor the hole museum then it was time to go .<br /><br /><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”20130110-194925.jpg” /></a>

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  1. Dazzle

    JJ I love your pichos and writing.

  2. Laura Savill

    Sounds like you all had fun. The 3D experience must have been great.

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