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Another good day.

Posted by on 03/07/2012

Today the year 2 s did some researching with there talk partners (if there were year 2 ). Mean wile the year 3 s had to do some riting,spling and short ritng.

Then Mr sandal told us to come and to sit down on the carpet and told us that we had all worked very hard so we deserved to have a extra 5 minuets added to are play time so we all lined up and went out to play.

A few mineuts later

Wene we had all came bake into the class room it was  time for maths. Mr sandall told us what to do and gave us the  sheet it was a bit hard on some of them but I still went on and finish it. Then Mr Sandal said ”it is time for lunch ” so we washed are hands and got reddy for lunch.


The arfternoon

It had just been the last play time for the day so we all came into the class room and got are p.e it out so when we fineshd our talk obout the new blog. We bhad just gone out to the field to pratis for sports day in 3 days it was quit tiering but we still went on for it onec we had done some racing we had to get redey to go home we got our pake folders and books and went home.

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