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Dear Diary 100 wc # 8

Posted by on 08/11/2012

Dear Diary
Today it was the best day of my life. It rely showed Wye my grandparents are important because there a part of your live and are rely fun. It all started of on a Friday night when I went to there house to stay for the next day.We went out for tea in a restraint ( and I had fish and chips )it was really yummy. When we got back it was time for bed. In the morning I went down stairs to breakfast.We got dressed and got in the car. They were taking me out for a treat I coulnt wait…

16 Responses to Dear Diary 100 wc # 8

  1. Swannanoa School

    That sounds really fun! From Sam

    It is very true that Grandparents are special to us. From Jessie

    I went to my Grandparents and I had the best day of my life! I went to the train club with my Granddad. My Grandad has built a train set. From Campbell

  2. Anna

    I liked yore whiting because you used powerful language.

  3. Gerry

    Hello JJ, your 100WC is really detailed, descriptive and has got powerful language. 🙂

  4. Grammu

    Loved the story, what was the surprise?

  5. Mr Sandall

    A fab 100 words JJ. I like the way you wrote it as a diary and teased the reader without revealing what the treat was.

  6. 10hbone

    I like the idea of fish

    from 10hbone

  7. ryan

    jj next time check your spelling.

  8. Surma S

    I really like your writing. I wonder what the treat could be! 😀

  9. molly c

    One it was very good but you need to check your spellings but agen it was very good lo

  10. gm57725

    You explained your grandparents were really fun but you need to add more detail. What makes them fun? Think about focusing on explaining why rather than retelling the event.

    Read through to check your spellings too.

  11. Harrison

    *cool like the story dkos of the fish and chis.
    *you are cool
    need vepe!

  12. 10hharvardtaylor

    I like the way you set it out and used lots of information for your story. Keep it up.

  13. Maddie

    I like the girls story because you ate fish and chips – we love fish and chips in NZ.

    From Madison – Swannanoa School NZ

  14. Campbell

    I like you story because it had fish and chips in it. We like fish and chips in New Zealand.

    From Campbell – NZ

  15. Jacob

    I really enjoyed how you said best day of my life.

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