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HHT 100 word challenge – the haunting

Posted by on 05/11/2012

One Halloween night when everyone was in bed I woke up because I needed a drink. I quietly crept downstairs and I opened the door to the kitchen. It was dark and spooky and all I could see were two red eyes glaring at me. It made me jump and I ran to my mum and dad. I told them about the scary eyes in the kitchen but they didn’t believe me. They thought I was making it up until the morning when they saw creepy scratches on the door. They had made a massive hole in the door just like a tiger had bitten through it. It was very Scary!

11 Responses to HHT 100 word challenge – the haunting

  1. Marshall

    Hi im Marshall and I liked it when you described the way it was spooky when needed to have a drink of water.

    From Marshall -Rm9 Swannanoa school New Zealand

  2. Liam

    Iloved that video that you made.From Lam w.

  3. Anonymous

    That description was amazing. Great wow words from max swannanoa school room 9.

  4. mackenzie

    Your writing is very lovely and I like how you’ve given me a picture in my head.

    From Mackenzie – NZ

  5. mackenzie

    i love your writing and your expression

  6. Daniel

    Hi my name is Daniel i liked how you said the black cat had red glowing eyes

  7. poppy gj

    I like the way you described the story from .poppy swannanoa school

  8. Ben

    Very scary. I would not want to go in the house. From Ben Swannanoa school Room9.

  9. Daniel

    I really liked how you said you crept downstaris.

  10. JJ

    wow 10hhavertaylor we love the bit when you rote” They thought I was making it up until the morning when they saw creepy scrates on the door”.

  11. tuffers

    Exceptionaly good 10hharvatalor I loved your descripshon.

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