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Making our own Mosaics

Posted by on 15/11/2012

This afternoon oak class have been really busy making our own mosaic pictures. We’ll blog more when they’re finished.




11 Responses to Making our own Mosaics

  1. BEN

    Very cool and creative. From Ben Room 9 Swannanoa school.

  2. Year 2 IST

    Hello Oak class,
    Your pictures look really good. We made some mosaic pictures when we were in Y1. Most of us really enjoyed it. Some of us found it very hard because it takes a long time and you have to stay concentratred. We hope to see pictures of your finished work.
    From Year 2

  3. zoe

    Those pictures are amazing. We might try to copy.

  4. Maddie

    I like your mosaic pictures. I can’t wait until they are finished. I’d love to see more pictures.
    From Maddie

  5. jared

    Your mosaics are amazing.I love the kiwi fruit one.We might make make x-mas mosaics.

  6. Jared

    We really love your art work. Miss McCaughan said that we mite make christmas mosaics.
    From Jared

  7. jessie

    This must be fun .

  8. taylor

    Great that is fantastic work how did you do that .

  9. mackenzie

    I love your mozaic pitchers.

  10. sam

    your art is very cool I want to do it right naw

  11. ashton

    great pictures

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