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Posted by on 07/11/2012

Yesterday ,in maths we were doing grafhs. First we had to droor the axies and then we had to put the numbers down the side in 2 or1s then we had to cont Smartys  and put them on bars.We got to eat them.

18 Responses to MATHS for SWEETS

  1. jacob

    I really like your work from jacob

  2. lucybr

    hi oak class the smartes sounds fun were thay the secial tipe that are all pink or were they the normal tipe!!

  3. Mrs Darling

    Do you have any pictures of your smarties graphs? Please can you show us asked Jack.

    Cherry Tree

  4. Mrs Darling

    Hi Oak Tree

    Were they colourful smarties? asks WIlliam
    Were they tasty? asks Elliott
    You’re making me jealous because you got to eat Smarties and we didn’t said Joshua crossly!
    Were the Smarties yummy? asked Lucy
    Did they have chocolate inside? asked Thomas
    Did you make the smarties 🙂 asked Harry

    • JJ

      They were cooler full and they were yummy they had choclet inside and we diden’t macke them.

  5. Mrs Darling

    Mmmmm Smarties! I remember using smarties last year with Constable class (my old class) when we were doing fractions! Don’t tell anyone in Cherry Tree class BUT we might use sweets again this year sometime! I hope you enjoyed your maths it certainly sounds fun!

    Mrs Darling
    St Andrews
    Cherry Tree

  6. Jessie

    Maths and sweets you must of had fun from Jessie room 9

  7. sam

    hi my name is sam I am nerle up to it I ned to wrck on my minisis

  8. Marshall

    Hi oak class Im Marshal and I really like all of your Maths games so much!!! My favourite is JetSki Addition.

  9. ben

    cool. I like the maths and graphs. From ben Swannanoa Room9.

  10. Josephine

    Hi JJ,
    Sounds like you had a super fun maths lesson and I can’t beleive you got to eat the smarties afterwards!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From your St Andrew’s quad blogging buddy,Josephine

  11. ahargreaves

    Hi JJ, I am a T.A in St. Andrew’s in Great Yeldham, we also have our own blogg and I noticed it’s your week for blogging too. I am glad you enjoyed the graphs in maths and noticed you even got to eat the smarties,you are lucky! In fact, I think I will use smarties for maths next week when we learn about doubles. I hope you continue to enjoy your learning…..MRS HARGREAVES

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