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To Curimum and beyond.

Posted by on 17/10/2012

On fridayn in oak class it was’nt a normall day we stil got in the car and go to school. But when we didnt go to are lokers we still when to  are class room. When mr sandall spit us into groups ( I was in his group) and we all lined up to get onto a bus and go to Curimum Mueseum . We finally got there and evrey one was relly exited. So we whent to are adolt and whent to explor! It was nerlly lunch lunch time  but there another thing to do we all whent into a big room to do some romom ativatys. We dressd up as romans, looked at there food,made mosaucs and play kucullbones aand another game. Then we went to lunch. WE got a little more tme to explor and then it wasa time to go.

One Response to To Curimum and beyond.

  1. 10bclemence

    We lerned more a bout Romans.

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